CES+ Hits Hard in Chile
27 July, 2022 by
CES+ Hits Hard in Chile
Charlie Leib

Claudia Pino and Gonzalo Fredes are pioneers and an integral part of the success of independent cinema in Chile, responsible for the traveling International Lebu Film Festival, which was created in 1999 in order to bring the big screen experience where it did not exist previously. Today it has grown and become an Oscar Award nominee. They are always thinking of how to expand the country’s culture and, above all, provide Chilean society with a different entertainment alternative.

As we know all too well, the pandemic wreaked havoc on our industry, especially with independent auditoriums, so reopening them has been quite a complex task for everyone. As such, producer Gonzalo Fredes got involved in order to bring cinema owners together. Why? So that they may join forces and move ahead stronger as a group since most of them suffered equipment losses such as projectors and servers in addition to having had the doors closed for such a long period. Claudia and Gonzalo believe, especially in this market and industry, unity is strength.

As a comprehensive partner that provides solutions to cinema exhibitors, CES+ helped Gonzalo and all the independent cinemas by providing technical training from CES+ engineer Juan Brea, and commercial training lead by Henry Morales. As a company philosophy, CES+ first listens to its partner, and is then able to better understand the cinema owners’ specific needs so that they can work together to solve each individual problem.

“Having found a serious supplier such as CES+ that responds to us in a timely manner and also understands the situation that independent movie theaters were going through in Chile was a great relief,” said Gonzalo.

CES+ provides professional cinema equipment not only to independent movie theaters, but also to the historic Chilean traveling festival. Gonzalo commented, “Juan Brea remotely assisted with an installation and could not have been more clear and efficient. Without a doubt, experience and knowledge are a great value at CES+, which makes for excellent remote technical service.”

The result of Gonzalo's effort in putting together La Red de Salas (Auditorium’s Network) was bringing together 18 independent theatres from all over Chile. This allowed them to be able to better compete with the big chain cinemas and bring films that add not only to entertainment, but also bring diversity to audiences, which is now taking shape and achieving positive results.

The objective of La Red de Salas, lead by Teresita Ugarte, is to allow the independent theatre circuit to compete on a modern and professional level. The objective of CES+ is to join and support this endeavour wherever, whenever, and however it is needed.

From all of us at CES+, we thank La Red de Salas for their trust in us.

CES+ Hits Hard in Chile
Charlie Leib 27 July, 2022
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