Is ATMOS Worth the Investment? Ten Years Ago…Maybe. Today…Most Definitely
27 July, 2022 by
Is ATMOS Worth the Investment? Ten Years Ago…Maybe. Today…Most Definitely
Juan Brea

Back in 2012 when the first film Digital Cinema Package (DCP) movie Brave was released, exhibitors were hesitating on purchasing and installing the equipment needed to have an ATMOS auditorium. Surely they had no doubts about the technology’s sound quality, but the budget to have it installed and maintained was quite high. Also, exhibitors were unaware of how many movies would be eventually released with the new ATMOS track, so they didn’t know if it was worth their investment at the time.

Ten years later, everything has changed and the question of an ATMOS investment has been answered. There are hundreds of releases available with ATMOS sound. Also, due to the expansion of this technology, the cost of the gear needed has decreased significantly so that more and more exhibitors are purchasing not only one, but two and sometimes three sets of the equipment required to convert their premium existing auditoriums or implement ATMOS sound for their new theatre constructions.

The experience that the audience has when watching an ATMOS movie is completely different than all of its predecessors. It is an immersive sound that is able to literally “move objects from one place to the other” and, this way, the audio coupled with the image can deliver an experience based on real life.

ATMOS has incorporated overhead surround sound, and its technology can independently control each installed speaker.

Francisco Schlotterbeck, CEO of Maya Cinemas, which consists of luxury theaters, tells us about ATMOS technology: “Maya Cinemas has always been dedicated to offering the highest quality sound projection in the market. ATMOS is an important component of high fidelity in terms of sound mixing. In addition, the films that are mixed in ATMOS really make a difference, such as Top Gun: Maverick and Jurassic World Dominion, which is why it is a great added value that the moviegoer appreciates and this is reflected in greater attendance. It is a reward to viewers who continue to choose the big screen to enjoy movies, since the experience is totally different and should be appreciated in the cinema as it was intended by its creators.”

Celluloid Junkie recently published an interesting and informative article “to inform movie theatre operators that a change is coming which will cause people who examine the TMS for keys and correct DCPs to wonder where their Atmos DCP has gone, and also to help train those who only know robotically what to look for.” You can find that article here: 

To learn more about ATMOS click, on this two minutes video

For more than 35 years, CES+ has been a family owned and operated business designing intelligent, tailor-made solutions for exhibitors...and that includes not only equipment, but its remote and in-person technicians when a personal touch is required.

To   that   end,   CES+   has   been   recognized   as   the   Boxoffice Barometer 2021 Cinema Equipment Supplier of the Year.

CES+ offers:

  • Project management

  • Pre-configuration and installation services

  • Cinema monitoring software (CIELO)

  • Remote and on-site help

  • And more!

CES+ will consult, calculate, design, sell, install, configure and get Dolby’s approval and even perform the commissioning for any auditorium you need to convert or build.

Today’s and tomorrow’s most crucial box office releases will be ATMOS-ready, and CES+ can prepare your auditoriums with affordable pricing and a number of design options specific to each theatre’s needs.

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Is ATMOS Worth the Investment? Ten Years Ago…Maybe. Today…Most Definitely
Juan Brea 27 July, 2022
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