TMS: Your Cinema’s Lifesaver
21 February, 2022 by
TMS: Your Cinema’s Lifesaver
Charlie Leib

Getting straight to the point, Theatre Management System (TMS) is a software program for managing the essential operations of cinema theatres. Utilizing TMS maximizes operating efficiency by providing reliable centralized control, monitoring, and automation of multi-screen cinema complexes. It also provides the flexibility and freedom to focus on your audience by keeping everything running behind the scenes.

What does TMS control? Well, most things that usually would be a hindrance to your daily operations. For example, use TMS to automate your cinema’s hardware, schedules, and screenings for the maximum impact on your efficiency, and, most importantly, your audiences. With your systems taking care of the day-to-day in the background, you can get back to running your business, and back to making connections with your customers.

Let’s begin by automating your necessary pre-show activities. Use TMS to group your ads and movie trailers together, and special targeting will make sure they are inserted into the correct showing. You can flexibly target these pre-show ‘packs’ against a range of criteria, such as title or time.

You can then standardize your shows playlist templates and watch your playlists practically build themselves. For example, the placeholders you choose to put in your template are populated with content according to your targets.

Then, automating your hardware allows you to control everything from dimming the lights to setting the volume levels with pre-built instruction sets. Customize them for your set-up once, and they are ready to turn on your screens every time.

Let your Point of Sale (POS) do the work by integrating your TMS with your POS system and let it generate all the playlists you need based on your POS schedule.

How can we help you and your cinema?

CES+’s ultímate content management solution streamlines your content scheduling process. From Monday scheduling to daily schedule changes, CES+ has your back. Relieve laborious and time consuming schedule changes from your general managers and let them focus on their jobs by allowing CES+ to be your content magicians.

CES+ content management benefits include:

  • Monday scheduling is a breeze

  • Title Mapping is a thing of the past

  • 24/7 staff to support impromptu Schedule changes

CES+ content management is compatible with:

  • UniqueX

  • Arts Alliance Media

  • Hollywood Software / Cinema Ace

  • GDC

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TMS: Your Cinema’s Lifesaver
Charlie Leib 21 February, 2022
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