The Evolution of Projection Equipment
21 February, 2022 by
The Evolution of Projection Equipment
Charlie Leib

It’s no secret that technological advancement across all industries increases more rapidly as the years go by. In less than 70 years mankind went from the first airplane flight to walking on the moon. Analog to digital platforms in most industries has already taken place, and digital technologies seemingly continue to advance day-by-day.

The cinema industry is no different, including updating to the most recent and advanced equipment and utilizing automation in order to strengthen and streamline current operations, therefore bolstering your bottom line in the short and long terms.

Technological innovation was underway from the advent of the theatrical experience up and through when digital cinema took root about 16 years ago. Now, after almost all screens worldwide have been converted to digital platforms, these movie theaters are able to present a much better overall experience for their visitors.

Let’s take a brief look at how we got to 2022 with the general evolution of cinema equipment, starting by film-based projection to the current digital era:

  • 35mm / 70mm film projectors

  • Digital projectors series 1  (xenon lamp based) introduced digital content instead of a physical print; allows 3D format presentations.

  • Digital projector Series 2 (xenon lamp-based); brought basic electronic improvements and making smaller content servers (IMB); introduced 4K presentation and the HFR (High Frame Rate) capability for better picture quality.

  • Digital projector Series 3 and Laser Light Source (Laser Phosphor and RGB) allow for further electronic improvements by reducing the quantity of electronic boards; also improved picture quality by increasing the contrast and increasing color space; introduced more electrically efficient projectors 

  • Series 4 projectors then introduced a better color space by getting closer to Rec. 2020; contrast ratio increased up to 2300:1; laser source brightness stability increased up to 40,000 hrs.; huge improvement in electrical efficiency that resulted in operational cost savings; less overall maintenance costs; very low noise level which makes them ideal for boothless installations.

As a result of these technological advancements, CES+ recommends that our clients explore installing Series 4 projectors for their new projects. This new technology will save operational budget costs across theater chains and also will improve the quality of the moviegoing experience for their visitors. Delivering a fantastic experience is even more important in the social media era because everyone depends on good online reviews.

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The Evolution of Projection Equipment
Charlie Leib 21 February, 2022
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