On-Site Maintenance in a Hurry
28 June, 2022 by
On-Site Maintenance in a Hurry
Matias Grecco

Sometimes, in-person attention is the best solution.

It seems to always happen that in the most unexpected moments and when things are most needed, those things tend to fail.

¨Expecting the Unexpected¨ - Murphy’s Law

Understanding the Theory

In its simplest form, Murphy's Law states: If anything can go wrong, it will. However, as with many successful business theories, the original law has been extended over time to cover specialist areas, several of which are given below:

                • Project Planning: If anything can go wrong, it will. Usually at the most inopportune time.

                • Performance Management: If someone can get it wrong, they will.

                • Risk Assessment: If several things can go wrong, the one you would LEAST like to happen will occur.

                • Practical creativity: If you can think of four ways that something can go wrong, it will go wrong in a fifth way.

                For this reason, we want to be your service provider and partner to avoid those moments where things can go wrong. 

                With its worldwide headquarters based in Florida, CES+ has technicians based in Michigan so if an issue arises that requires immediate  face-to-face  attention  in  these  locations, CES+ has you covered. We also have partners in different states to help you in those situations where you need it most.

                For more than 35 years, CES+ has been a family owned and operated business designing intelligent, tailor-made solutions for exhibitors...and that includes not only equipment, but its remote and in-person technicians when a personal touch is required.

                To   that   end,   CES+   has   been   recognized   as   the   Boxoffice Barometer 2021 Cinema Equipment Supplier of the Year.

                CES+ offers:

                • Project management
                • Pre-configuration and installation services
                • Cinema monitoring software (CIELO)
                • Remote and on-site help
                • And more!

                For Consulting, Services and Equipment call 305.232.8182 or email us sell@ces.plus

                On-Site Maintenance in a Hurry
                Matias Grecco 28 June, 2022
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