Modern Movies Require Modern Screens
28 June, 2022 by
Modern Movies Require Modern Screens
Charlie Leib

Back in time, in the 35mm era, a cinema’s projection screen was quite basic by today’s standards…matte white or maybe a white 1.2 gain. Like most things, as time moved on, so did technologies.

As the Silent Era moved into “Talkies”, and then to color film, and then to 3D, and then to surround sound, screens needed to keep up with the times. What good is a movie created with incredible imagery and sound if the screens it is projected on can’t properly reflect the visuals that the movie producers had in mind, and it muffles the audio?

As a result, screen manufacturers developed new materials, paintings, and overall technologies to create new brightness and sizes of the perforations (such as microperf and digi-perf) in order to improve the amount of light reflected back from the screens, and to allow audio to pass through the screens near flawlessly.

During these processes, some issues arose with the new laser projectors, such as hot spotting, speckles, etc. So, screen manufacturers had to continue on and started working on new processes and technologies in order to help resolve these new issues as they arose. The paint quality and the painting technologies were improved, and digital perforation was developed.

Now, there are options to cover the needs of all clients.

Besides installation, screen manufacturers have also created options for packing and shipping screens worldwide in an effort to save shipping costs and protect the screens during transit. For instance, Severtson Screens folded shipping method makes international distribution of its industry-acclaimed screens highly affordable, reducing international shipping costs by up to 70 percent without damaging the screen in the process.

Please take note that the customer should always discuss packing methods with CES+ and/or the screen manufacturer prior to placing an order.

We at CES+ always work with our clients in order to give them the best solution, not only in regards to the screen type selection for each auditorium but also with the packaging and shipping methods.

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Modern Movies Require Modern Screens
Charlie Leib 28 June, 2022
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