Is Remote Technical Support Important?
9 December, 2021 by
Is Remote Technical Support Important?
Charlie Leib

The short answer is “Yes”.

On the surface, “face time” with an in-house technician provides peace-of-mind for facility managers. They can get their hands dirty and discuss with a manager what is going on right then and there.

And no one is saying differently. 

However, there are many instances when in-house help is not available (or available at great cost) nor required and remote help can be just as effective yet quicker and much less expensive.

Most often, theatre’s can’t afford an in-house technician, which is why remote technical support may be the best option for such a business. As technology advances, so does the need to provide valuable remote support for a bulk of a cinema’s equipment. Regardless of the issue, historically, tech support happened on-site. Now, businesses can use remote tech support to solve many of their cinema’s problems without the burdensome cost and down time that comes with hiring an in-house technician.

 Remote support allows a qualified technician to connect to a theatre’s network system no matter the location. This helps cinema’s solve software and sometimes even hardware issues quickly without the time and costs that come with waiting for a tech to come on-site.

There are a host of reasons why investing in remote technical support will keep your business flowing at a much better rate. All of which adds to your bottom line, including:

  • Increased response time; 7 days a week service

  • Elimination of on-site fees

  • Regularly scheduled remote maintenance reduces unforeseen issues

  • Leave the troubleshooting to the professionals, not unqualified technicians or worse, unqualified staff to try and diagnose and “fix” issues

  • The use of state-of-the-art technologies to remotely define and fix issues

CES+ has the remote support you need with NOC: Network Operations Center.

“Our engineers and technicians are ready to service your needs as our top priority is to ensure your screen never goes black,” explained Alex Younger, CES+ CEO. “We aim to provide our customers with the best technical support through our service agreements for all cinema equipment (including projection systems, audio systems, and/or central systems). We have our own NOC in place in order to provide our clients with best-in-class technical support by taking ownership of their technical problems

CES+’s comprehensive superior service and support includes:

  • Monitoring and support center for 10,000 screens

  • Certified technicians for all brands

  • Manage warranty replacements and service

  • Remote diagnosis and spare parts ordering

  • Coordinating engineers and technicians’ any necessary on-site visits

A good example of remote technical support is when CES+ recently partnered with Ecuador’s innovation-centric movie theatre chain Cinext. CES+ installed remote services as well as equipped the cinemas with the latest digital cinema technologies at CINEXT’s theatres in Manta and Quito.

CES+ installed CIELO and NOC services at Cinext theatres. CIELO is a powerful platform that will increase technician productivity by 25 percent, enabling Cinext to do more with less and reduce spare part management by 30 percent…real savings when they matter most. The NOC services are CES+’s technical support center for troubleshooting, managing RMA’s, and implementing the updates that Cinext require with immediate availability.


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Is Remote Technical Support Important?
Charlie Leib 9 December, 2021
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