CES+ Successfully Incorporates Cinionic's LLU System into Cines Unidos
29 May, 2023 by
CES+ Successfully Incorporates Cinionic's LLU System into Cines Unidos
Soledad Rodriguez

As a cinema integrator, CES+ led the laser conversion of the screening rooms of Cines Unidos in Venezuela, hand in hand with Cinionic, demonstrating an excellent team effort from all parties involved.

Cinionic's fully-integrated Laser Light Upgrade (LLU) can replace and enhance the light source in Series 2 models. It offers a sustainable way to deliver an amazing image quality and crystal-clear cinema experience to your audience. Cinionic’s Laser Light Upgrade provides an affordable laser projection solution by allowing you to upgrade your lamp projector to laser by replacing the light source engine. This makes top-level laser quality attainable at a reasonable price. 

Upgrading your existing projector allows you to enjoy the benefits of laser:

  • Reduce costs by up to 70%
  • Simplify operations
  • Extend projector lifespan
  • Enjoy laser quality

The fact that cinema theaters can retrofit a laser light engine into their existing equipment indicates major savings in a laser roll-out, and that theatres have an affordable alternative to buying all new projectors.

The benefits of a Laser Light Upgrade are well known, but it's always worth mentioning them:

  • Extend projector lifespan: up to 30,000 more hours
  • Energy savings: save up to 70% on your energy bill
  • Laser quality: reliable performance
  • Simplify operations: less maintenance, less cost

Attila Marton, Engineer and New Projects Manager of Cines Unidos, one of the most important cinema chains in Venezuela that incorporated Cinionic's RGB+ system, commented:

"In our chain, it has been a very satisfying experience. The installation process of the LLUs has been very easy to carry out and with multiple immediate benefits. We have seen a significant improvement in image brightness from the beginning, very good brightness homogeneity from center to corner, and a spectacular contrast ratio.

Our first converted rooms coincided with the movie Avatar, which has scenes that are much more impactful with the characteristics of laser light than with the old Xenon, which made the experience even more intense for the visitors of these rooms.

Given that we have a large number of Series 'B' equipment with lamps between 4500W to 6500W, by incorporating the RGB+ system we have reduced electricity consumption to a third of what we used with Xenon, so once we finish converting all the equipment, we will have a substantial saving in the electricity bill of each complex.

The presale advice from the Cinionic team ensured that the 'Speckle' or 'Moiré Effect' of the laser never appeared on our screens.

In summary, the decision to retrofit the equipment using the RGB+ kits, to date, has been all about advantages and savings for the company."

If you are interested in this great system as an alternative for your cinemas, please get in touch with a representative from our team and we will advise you accordingly.

Contact CES+ for consulting, services, and equipment, call us at 305.232.8182 or send us an email at sales@ces.plus.

CES+ Successfully Incorporates Cinionic's LLU System into Cines Unidos
Soledad Rodriguez 29 May, 2023
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