Arts Alliance Media, Vendor of the Month
26 October, 2022 by
Arts Alliance Media, Vendor of the Month
Soledad Rodriguez

CES+ is a proud supplier of Arts Alliance Media (AAM) services.

Arts Alliance Media is the global leader in digital cinema software and services with a renowned portfolio of cinematic solutions that cover all areas of an exhibitor’s operations. Screenwriter for in-house theatre management, Producer for circuit-wide theatre management, Lifeguard for circuit-wide device management, MX4D for experience enhancing 4D, and HeyLED for visual refinement and colour enrichment.

With a range of plans for each solution, exhibitors of all sizes can harness the power of AAM’s portfolio, from independent cinemas managing one or two screens, to international exhibitors with multi-screen complexes.

The concept of AAM’s software is based upon centralization and automation. By managing all content and KDMs, screens, and devices from one central location, either in the theatre or from the circuit’s head office, exhibitors can reduce the cost of resource, build operational efficiency, and enjoy comprehensive visibility over their entire organization. MX4D and HeyLED meanwhile present exhibitors with additional formats and therefore increased opportunity in which to generate revenue.

Product Overview:
Screenwriter: Theatre Management System
Screenwriter is the most powerful, widely deployed Theatre Management System in the world and enables exhibitors to manage all screens and content in their cinema from one location.

Acting as a central hub for content and KDM management, Screenwriter allows Cinema Managers to centralize their theatre’s daily workflows using smart task automation. The renowned TMS’ range of functionality includes playlist creation using a simple drag-and-drop interface, POS integration, comprehensive control over all content and screens, detailed reporting including proof-of-play, and hardware, ingest and transfer automation.

By simplifying day-to-day operations and increasing control over their operations, Cinema Managers can reallocate site-level staff to audience engaging positions and reduce manual, time-consuming tasks to build on-site efficiency. 

Producer: Enterprise Theatre Management System

Producer is a cloud-based Enterprise Theatre Management System, also known as a Circuit Management System, which enables exhibitors to manage content for every cinema across their organisation all from a single dashboard. 

In other words, exhibitors can now employ small teams to manage hundreds of cinemas from one location by simply synchronising with each of their theatre’s Screenwriter software.

By empowering exhibitors to manage their circuit centrally, including managing pre-show and feature content, automatically creating and scheduling playlists, assigning content to shows, checking individual site schedules, and monitoring site and content issues, instead of at every site, they can enjoy greater network control and reduce circuit-wide task duplication for increased operational efficiency. 

For example, users can harness the ‘Content’ tab to view any item of content as soon as it’s been ingested anywhere across their circuit, before combining features, trailers, adverts, segments, and device automations to create a playlist that can be assigned to Point of Sales shows; a workflow which can be completed manually or automatically.  The outcome; consistency in operations, reduced duplication, and increased efficiency. Plus, with access into every site at any time, Producer offers exhibitors comprehensive visibility and flexibility.

Lifeguard: Hardware Management System

Lifeguard is a cloud-based Hardware Management System that gives exhibitors the tools to build their own NOC solution to optimise hardware and reduce lost revenue; a crucial element of operating in a post Virtual Print Fee world.

For example, Lifeguard will monitor your schedules and consumables to keep you notified of any potential show-stopping issues, while searching for trends in your assets’ lifecycle to learn the lifespan of your hardware and predict and diagnose issues early.

With fault identification, detailed issue diagnosis, maintenance planning, lamp management, and playback reporting, Lifeguard presents exhibitors and NOC teams with a breadth of tools, allowing users to fix errors efficiently, evaluate issues remotely, and manage hardware lifecycles.

Offering critical business intelligence and device access at the touch of a button, Lifeguard makes day-to-day theatre management smooth and error-free, providing exhibitors with complete peace of mind. The outcome; reduced costs, improved productivity, and increased profitability.

Arts Alliance Media’s Vision and Success Framework:

To support their long-term vision for future development and align their ever-expanding portfolio, Arts Alliance Media set out three core values in which to serve exhibitors; increased efficiency, reduced operational costs, and/or the opportunity to drive admissions and revenue. With each solution, exhibitors will naturally achieve one or more of these core values, helping to deliver an outstanding cinematic experience.

To discuss how CES+ can implement Arts Alliance Media into your operation, call 305.232.8182 or email

Arts Alliance Media, Vendor of the Month
Soledad Rodriguez 26 October, 2022
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