Are Movies Back for 2022?All Signs are Positive!
24 January, 2022 by
Are Movies Back for 2022?All Signs are Positive!
Charlie Leib

According to, December 2021 saw a cumulative gross of $918,553,891…that’s down 20% from $1,148,160,515 in pre-pandemic Dec. 2019, 
but up a whopping of almost 14x from just one year ago in Dec. 2020 ($67,691,870).

There really was no competition last month. Spider-Man: No Way Home ruled the box office with $572,984,769 gross revenue, followed in a distant second and third by Sing ($74,883,155) and Encanto ($47,399,389), respectively. Ghostbusters: Afterlife ($32,428,841) and West Side Story ($28,169,248) rounded out the Top 5.

What does this mean? Well, you can look at the glass as half empty of half full. Anyone looking at 20% decline, normally, would wince. If the stock market took that kind of hit, well, panic would ensue for many. But if you look at the positives from just 12 months ago versus from 24 months prior, even with the pandemic and new variants running amok, who wouldn’t take a recovery like that?

Now is the time to get that 20% back and get back to “normal”…and CES+ can help.

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Are Movies Back for 2022?All Signs are Positive!
Charlie Leib 24 January, 2022
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