Theater Management

TMS (Theater Management Software)

CE+S and Unique Digital partnered to bring the most comprehensive centralized content management suite that allows the exhibitor to take better control of the weekly scheduling and playlist building process from a single point at the theater level or even better from a central office location minimizing the time required and standardizing the content compliance a cross the circuit. Its featured API’s can integrate with the POS system and the rest of the products suite for a seamless experience.

Remove the hassle of having to sift through KDM files and email attachments with BaseKey all KDM’s can be managed automatically pushing the correct KDM to the corresponding media player


Integrated Hardware Solutions

With more than 150 units installed in the past 5 years we can guarantee a robust and reliable LMS (Library Media Server) solution that we can tailor for every possible cineplex size.

Our integrated media rack is engineered for a quick plug and play setup and in compliance with DCI and IT infrastructure specifications and can also host third party hardware that might be on site.