Harkness / Qalif


Harkness / Qalif

Qalif Optimizer - Part of the Curolux Family

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A small and discreet addition mounted to the back wall of a theatre, Qalif Optimizer technology allows exhibitors to measure and maintain screen parameters and monitor and modify projection equipment settings.

Suited for use in normal cinema environments, Qalif Optimizer technology is capable of taking 144 point simultaneous light measurement and acts as an auto-calibration solution, automatically measuring projection quality and autonomously altering projector settings to maintain the best possible viewing experience from digital cinema equipment.

Additionally Qalif Optimizer is able to carry out spectral analysis of each audio channel to monitor volume levels and identify malfunctioning sound units.

Where to Deploy?

  • Premium screening rooms
  • VIP auditoriums
  • High quality auditoriums
  • Motorised projection installations
  • Uniformity “sensible” installations

Key Functionality

  • Light Uniformity (144 points, SMPTE 5 and 9 points…)
  • Light Hot Spot position
  • Focus
  • Audio validity check with dB meter and full spectro analysis
  • Dolby Atmos™ immersive audio analysis
  • 2D / 3D Lamp power adjustment (with lamp file save into the projector)
  • Spectral analysis of audio channels
  • Remote monitoring to NOC or TMS

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