XPAND 3D Technology is World renowned for its Quality. XPAND is the right choice if you are looking for expanding your cinema or multiplex to be ready for crisp and immaculate 3D.

XPAND 3D is a trusted 3D partner for premium cinema and film industry events like Cannes Film Festival and Venice Film Festival. At XPAND 3D we take great pride in being recognized as Quality Leaders in 3D by the greatest organizations in Cinema industry.


Active 3D Cinema

XPAND’s Active 3D Cinema System is a flexible, cost-effective solution and doesn’t require silver screen. On top of that all XPAND’s Products are HFR Ready.


Passive 3D Cinema

In the high end and high quality level tradition, XPAND’s roster 3D passive systems and glasses are also available for larger venues using silver screen up to 20 meters and beyond.


Active 3D Products


XPAND 3D Glasses Lite Cinema – Pure Imagination through crisp, sharp and colorful 3D image

With brightness uniformity, wide viewing angle and extremely comfortable wear, XPAND 3D Glasses Lite Cinema offer best 3D cinema experience and at the same time allow watching 2D movies on uniform and bright matte screens.


Cinema 3D Glasses (X101)
XPAND’s Cinema 3D Glasses (X101) are the most popular Active Shutter Glasses in the world, being used in thousands of 3D cinemas around the Globe. These glasses are waterproof.


Infinity 3D Glasses (X103-C3)
We took our signature product Cinema 3D Glasses and made it even better. Lighter and more comfortable, extended battery life and improved brightness and viewing angle – check out XPAND Infinity 3D Glasses!


Pi Cinema 3D Glasses (X103-CP3)
XPAND π Cinema 3D Glasses continue the tradition of ultimate 3D performance found in XPAND’s legendary original Cinema 3D Glasses, but with lighter weight, improved ergonomic design and standard battery.


Small-sized Cinema 3D Glasses (X1031)
XPAND Small-sized Cinema 3D Glasses are made to fit the heads of the youngest cinema audience. Much lighter in weight they make every moviegoer’s experience in 3D an enjoyable event!


XPAND 3D Cinema System
Fully Immersive Studio Endorsed 3D Delivery System. XPAND 3D Cinema is available for standard size and large cinema venues.


Solution for small venues or independent cinemas with a maximum capacity of 125 seats.


Mid-range IR External 3D Emitter (AE125)
Solution for private venues or very small cinemas with a maximum capacity of 50 seats.

Passive 3D Products


XPAND Passive 3D Polarization Modulators
Having established a high quality product passive 3D cinema line, XPAND now offers two different passive polarization modulators: the classic “Gen 2” and the Trinity Superpolarizer.


Motorized mount
The Motorized mount makes it simple to position the XPAND Passive 3D Polarization Modulator in front of the projector.


XPAND Passive 3D Glasses
To complete the Passive 3D Cinema Solution XPAND presents two models of Passive 3D Glasses: stylish, light and in two sizes to fit all the moviegoers.

Accessories and other Products


  • 3D Glasses Trolley
  • X-Wipes

  • X-Batteries (for X101 & X102)
  • Button Cell Battery (CR2032)

  • Replacement Ear Pieces
  • Replacement Nose Pieces

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