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Our Origins

Innovation, excellence and outstanding service make up the core of our company’s DNA.

Guillermo Younger, Sr., started CES+ because he saw a need for better and more cost-effective ways for cinema owners to open new movie theaters. Back in Honduras, Younger worked as a projectionist for his father’s cinemas.

When he moved to the US, he began to painstakingly fix and refurbish theater equipment from US exhibitors to sell to cinema owners. Younger’s diligence, dedication and personable nature helped him build lifelong relationships across the industry that would fuel the company’s growth and establish itself as an international operation.

In the early 2000s, the next generation of the Younger family helped lay the foundation for the company CES+ is today.

A brighter future

Brothers Guillermo Younger, Jr., and Alex Younger recognized the wealth of opportunities that the digital cinema boom created for theater operators. But they also sympathized with struggles to adapt the latest equipment and technologies. Having to manage multiple systems complicated, rather than facilitated, the day-to-day operations of running a theater.

So, Guillermo, Jr., launched Cielo to give movie theater operators a centralized view of their digital systems in a single easy-to-use platform. As a cloud-based proactive monitoring and support solution, Cielo provides exhibitors real-time information anytime, anywhere.

Empowered with this transparency and visibility, CES+ enables cinema operators to make better business decisions about everything from asset performance to content selection. This marked a new chapter for CES+ to help us continue to empower our customers with the latest and greatest in cinema innovation.

We pride ourselves on not only embracing, but driving change in our industry.

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