Heatzen Thermal Camera

HeatZen Thermal Camera System with Real-Time Monitoring.

Easy to deploy thermal imaging systems for the fight against COVID-19 developed with theaters in mind to help bring back the movie magic!

Heatzen contains an integrated alerting system that instantly sends a message to theater staff indicating that a patron has screened with an elevated temperature. 

Web based, there is no hardware to install; it has a high degree of accuracy, and can be changed between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Heatzen provides an end to end solution for temperature detection. Combined with our alerting system, we automate the screening process of your patrons & personnel. Let us be your first line of defense.

Tailored for the Cinema Industry bringing a reliable and affordable solution for:

Ensuring the safety of your personnel

Compliance with safety regulations and guidelines

Establishing confidence in your patrons

Key Features

Degree of measurement accurate to .5 degree.



 Customized GUI to select the feeds.



Celsius and Fahrenheit Toggle.



 1-Year warranty included.



 Web Based System.



 Email alerting system with 24x7 phone support option.



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