Thank you Luis Arreola!

After having worked with Luis Arreola for the past 5 years at ces+, it is with a heavy heart that I announce his departure from our company. Luis is one of the most passionate, loyal, and adaptive teammates I have ever worked with. As the company's needs changed, without hesitation Luis took on additional and new responsibilities at the company from becoming the VP Operations to leading the sales team and to taking on the role of VP Business Development. He was vital in our digitalization deployments to LATAM, helped establish the early team for our Support Center, and developed new business opportunities which will carry on into the future. He brought a tremendous amount of wealth of knowledge and experience with his background in exhibition that really helped shaped our business and we wouldn't be where we are today without him.

I'm extremely appreciative of Luis' time with ces+. We had a lot of fun while we accomplished a lot together. I'm certain Luis will have much success in the next chapter of his life and I can only hope I myself and ces+ our company helped contribute to his future success. We wish Luis all the best and look forward to continuing to build on our relationship moving forward.


Guillermo Younger Jr